In retrospect, the week in review

This week, the week of the "mystery missile" non-event in California, turned out in a way that I could never have imagined. What started out as mild curiousity turned in to a desire to put to rest a "mystery" that was so obviously unmysterious to me.


Another "mystery" object, this time over NYC

I'm just getting word that there was another "UFO" cloud sighting over New York last night and from the clips I've seen, it appears to be another sunlit contrail, this time in a horizontal alignment.

CBS 2 coverage: Did You See the Fire in the Sky?


The most notable feature I want to address about the video is this:


It was US Airways flight 808

Or was it? New evidence points to UPS902

One of my commenters below has given me some critical information that has lead me to update my assement of what flight caused the "mystery missile" contrail. Make no mistake, I stand by my assertion that the event was nothing more than a contrail, however, new, solid data has come in that has me changing my theory that the contrail in question was not caused by US Airways flight 808 (AWE808) but rather my second contender, United Parcel Service flight 902 (UPS902). In fact I believe I can definitevely say that UPS 902 was the flight that created the contrail on November 8, 2010.


Fixing a fraying iPhone/iPod/iTouch USB cable



 I found that after a lot of usage, and accidental tugging and yanking, that my iphon charging cord was becoming damaged were the cord runs into the plug head. My first inclination was to use regular black electrical tape to fix the problem, but I hate now the stuff leaves sticky residue and tends to slide around.


PhotoTrader V1.5 review


In this review I'll only cover some of the new features of version 1.5 of the PhotoTrader app. Please see my previous write up for my review of PhotoTrader itself.


You know you're a plane spotter when..

... you're waiting for the bus and you see a Boeing 767 flying overhead and notice that it's a Hawaiian Airlines airplane. But wait, this is not its normal approach, this is the GLASR flight path to KSEA (usually westbound, eastern seaboard, upper midwest flights)


PhotoTrader iPhone app review

ptphoto4.jpgThe Photoswap (PS) developers seem to be pretty content with their app, no doubt they have thousands of users and the app does what it says it does. However, I noted in a previous post the numerous shortcomings and my wishlist of improvements for a Photoswap "v2".


I entered a Gizmodo photoshop contest

Over at Gizmodo, they are having a photoshop contest that involves placing the "dominos pizza guy" from the Windows 7/Dominos cross promotion campaign in various historical moments.

Here is the original image:


Here are my contributions:



6 day swap

IMG_0032.PNGI had a compelling 6 day swap going with a great swapper in Oregon that would have gone longer had I not hit the "messages" button instead of the "reply". Thread wiped away. This is definitely one of those features that Photoswap V2 needs: the ability to store/recall friends and maintain multiple threads.


Blocked from Photoswap!

I'll admit, I probably had it coming. I had enough of the swaps of hairy legs and TV's in dark rooms, so I created a bogus "The Reality-of-Photoswap Scavenger" hunt as a statement of protest, and evidently a few people did not find it amusing.


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