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My thoughts on the distributions of the retired shuttle fleet.

Let me begin with: NYC, really?

I was hoping that Seattle would be a recipient of one of the flown, retired space shuttles, but with nearly 30 museums competing for, in reality, just three orbiters (NASM was a guarantee, KSC was a shoe-in), it was going to be a tight competition.



Boeing 787 N787EX

Boeing 787 N787EX by Liembo
Boeing 787 N787EX a photo by Liembo on Flickr.

My first sideshot with the 17-40mm and the 5Dmk2, which is a great test because the entire 787 fits the FoV!




With a mostly free day and the potential for partly cloudy skies, I decided it might be a good day to go to the Univerisity of Washington and photograph the cherry blossoms in the Quad. Its been about 4 years since the last time I did. Unfortunately, this idea also occured to approximately 63% of the population of Seattle. 

I spent a few hours watching the local traffic at KBFI (I can't resist), which yielded some decent shots of two 787's and other riff-raff. After that I headed up to the UW to the quad. I should have known how big the crowds would be based on the lack of parking. I ended up across the street from my old hang out and place of work, the building that formerly housed the "ACC", the Academic Computing Center. Oh the hours I wasted in there....

The crowds in the Quad were more than I have ever seen, despite the overcast skies. Everyone had a camera. The crowd, expectedly, was mostly Asian, but of nearly every country, not just Japanese. There were a number of wedding parties and people getting their photos taken by professionals, taking advantage of the free, amazing backdrop.

IMG_8513.jpg IMG_8476.jpg IMG_8528.jpg


Word of the day yesterday: "wet"


I took a personal day yesterday becaue I wanted to take a short trip up to see Snoqualmie Falls at or near flood stage. I checked and it said as of 7:15 AM, it was a mere 6 inches below flood stage, so plenty enough water for me.



Airshow! by Liembo
Airshow! a photo by Liembo on Flickr.

This is a test from flickr, trying out their blog export and my blog's api...


Wired Geiger Counter!

 A number of years ago, much to my wfe's chagrin, I purchased a 1960's era Civil Defense issue geiger counter. It was only $15, so what the heck, right? Well with events transpiring in Japan, I thought it might be fun to wire the counter to the web. So, you can see it at Seattle's only live geiger counter online. It is a pretty rough site, but it does work. I'd like to add an automatic way to count the ticks using some sort of audio analysis, but by the time I did it, interest will have passed. 

Check it out:




5D gets it first real workout

 I finally got to take my new 5D for a spin!

A friend of my wife, who works for Boeing, graciously invited me to go with him to the Boeing Employee viewing area for the first flight of the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental. What an exciting opportunity to photograph this airplane from an amazing vantage point (from Paine Field's taxiway Alpha!) 




New Camera!


For the past 6 months or so, I've been essentially working two jobs, my regular, full-time Software Engineer position, and also supporting the growing customer base for my wife and my software consulting business, JLB Web Consulting, which has been adding 10-30 hours a week on top of that. Fortunately, I get to do both jobs from home!

So, as a little reward to myself for working those hours, I bought myself a Canon 5D mk II DSLR body. I've been using a Canon 30D for a number of years now, but have been extremely curious about the 1080P video capabilities of the 5D (which has been proven as a primary camera filming a number of feature films and TV shows). So I dropped the hammer and bought one. I've also been various curious how shooting with a full-frame sensor is.




Emerald City Comicon

This year, for the first time, Jenn, Cohen and I attended the Emerald City Comic Con, a comic-centric Con in its 9th year, but open to all forms of scifi, fantasy and gaming genres. Our two prime areas of interest Firefly and Fringe. This year, John Noble ("Walter") and Jasika Nicole ("Astrid"/"Asterisk"/"Asteroid"/"Kick Ass-trid") were going to be on a panel and the fan-film "Browncoats Redemption" was going to be shown (Jenn waslooking forward to this).

Emerald City Comicon.jpeg


Random photos from the past 2 weeks

A few weekends ago my son and I went to the Snohomish Trail Council's annual Klondike Derby, which is a winter camporee event where the scout patrols get to take part in various "gold rush"-themed events, and capping the day off with the actual race, which is a wheeled/skiid sled that the scouts themselves power around the course. This year, Troop 572 came in second place! It was a good time, despite the 18 degree temps, which Cohen and I endured with smiles on our faces in a 2 season tent:


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