Aurora Borealis!

IMG_6220.jpgSunspot group 1261 has had a busy week unleashing at least 3 M-class solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) toward the Earth last week. While still year from solar max, this is quite a bit of activity. I took a photo of the sun and sunspot group 1261 from my deck last week:


Viva Las Vegas

IMG_2184.jpgI'm a pretty unimpulsive person. I like to approach things in a calculated manner with no surprises, however last week, that all went out the window. A close friend of ours win a week's use of a condo in Las Vegas and invited us to go, not thinking that we'd actually take them up on it. But we did! They had an entire extra suite at their disposal. The trick was that I was still had to work, and my son still had school. 

The hemming and hawing of the decision had to be made by 2:30pm in order to make the last Allegiant flight out of Bellingham in time, and it was nearing 2pm. I consulted with my manager and it was allowed that I was OK to work my 8 hours from the condo in a staggered fashion. C is going well in school, so we figured we could swing it. So at 2pm Jenn clicked 'submit' on the ticket order page and we had 30 minutes to pack.


My thoughts on the distributions of the retired shuttle fleet.

Let me begin with: NYC, really?

I was hoping that Seattle would be a recipient of one of the flown, retired space shuttles, but with nearly 30 museums competing for, in reality, just three orbiters (NASM was a guarantee, KSC was a shoe-in), it was going to be a tight competition.



First Sunrise of the New Year

My friend Tim and I thought we'd take a stab at photographing the sunrise from Kerry Park on New Years morning, since it was forecast to be clear. Despite having stayed up til 1am for NYE, we decided to go for it since we both had open mornings. We met at a park and ride and headed off to the viewpoint.

Clear skies, while beautiful, especially in the winter in Seattle, having some clouds is always nice, especially for a sunrise to reflect upon. There were a few low clouds over the Cascades to the east, but not enough.


Vintage Motel Signs

This small photo essay has been a long-time dream of mine, but I've never really had the time to actually persue it until now.


Why I love Washington

I've lived in Washington State my entire life. I've traveled and stayed for extended periods in various other regions of the US and I have never found a place as geologically diverse as Washington.


Chasing Waterfalls

Digital Rebel FAQ Series

Compose, focus, click. That is all it takes, right? Sure, if you want a standard, some-what lifeless waterfall photo. You may have noticed that in photos of waterfalls (large and small cascades) sometimes really pop and have a dynamic nature about them? How do you achieve these kinds of results? Click below for some hints and help.


2 Weeks in the Caribbean

After 2 weeks and 9 islands in the Caribbean, what can I say other than I wish I was still there? It was a great vacation, the whole family had a blast. Details and photos at my photo site.


Summer Recap (clearing out the blogwebs)

Been a busy simmer, as usual. Between remodelling and the usual stuff, there were a few vacations and outings crammed into our summer and fall. I'll detail a few of them below, including:



Spring Break trip

Went to coast, Washington and Oregon, for spring break this year. Pictures here.


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