A March 7 X5-class flare delivered a glancing blow to our ionosphere and led to over 24 hours of auroral activity. I headed south to avoid the clouds over Seattle and ended up near Black Diamond and captured the dim, but active display.

The aurora, as visible from our area, rarely get the waving and curling arms you see in photos from Norway and the Yukon, but we do get to see the full extent of the rays, from the green base to the violet and red tops.

Video details:
Frames form 5d MII, raw stills processed and exported to 1280x720 frames, slideshow created with iPhoto '09, with frame blending. Audio track added in Quicktime Pro, exported and uploaded here. I tried a number of combinations of iMovie HD and other tools but none had a satisfactory JPEG import other than iPhoto, using their photo export to quicktime feature (not slideshow export). The quality is still not what I was hoping for, though the original version is pretty nice, most upload sites seem to trash it.
Audio: "Silver Blue Light" by Kevin McLeod