The master bath project is very nearly complete. The master bedroom is lacking only the finishing touches as well. The guest room is now Cohen's bedroom and it has been completed, now we're commencing on the remodel of Hayley's room. Master Bathroom The big project was the Master Bath and its essentially finished, save some crown molding and a glass block divider to be added. The tile installation went without a hitch, as did the glass block installation. The plumbing fixtures matched up just right. Dad painted the cabinet doors for the newly painted vanity which turned out great. The bathroom as a whole is fantastic and all that remains is putting up the crown moulding (the base is installed, after that picture was taken). We decided to put a glass block divider on the curb between the sinks and the shower for a little more privacy which will be an early 2005 project.

Master Bedroom This was mostly a repain, but we're also adding base and crown moulding to finish off the look. The base moulding has been completed, I'll be installing the crown around Thanksgoving 2004. I can't tell you how much the Bosch DWM40L Miter Finder has helped with the proper cutting of the crown with my compound moter saw. Its a bit expensive, but you pay it off in sanity.

A new set of bedroom furniture from Costco Home rounded out this remodel. Cohen's New Room Cohen has been in the smallest room of the house since we moved in. We decided that 2 walk-in closets in Hayley's room was a bit much for 2 person, so we knocked out their walls and added 50% more space to the room.

We painted his room with bright primary colors and added a lot of storage for all of his toys, sorted into various bins. He has inhereted his sister's old trundle bed, but it will soon be remodeled into a flatbed truck bed.

The guest room has been recreated (paint, trim and all) in Cohen's old room. Its a little bit tighter, but for as much as we use the room it'll do. Hayley's Room Hayley's room was the original Bonus room of the house, which the previous owner finished extremly poorly. In fact, finished is the wrong word. The drywall seams were taped and mudded only once. The closers were lined with plywood (and there were two of them). The walls were finished with rolled on mud with sand mixed in .We're hoping to sand off the old texture, re-tape and mud and retexture.

This is a December 2004 project, and mostly hinges on Pete's schedule.

So as you can see, its been a very busy summer and fall at our house. Every room upstairs has been remodeled in some way or another. But we're so close to getting it finished.