I'll admit, I probably had it coming. I had enough of the swaps of hairy legs and TV's in dark rooms, so I created a bogus "The Reality-of-Photoswap Scavenger" hunt as a statement of protest, and evidently a few people did not find it amusing.

I created a bogus scavenger hunt of a list of the most common things you find on Photoswap, and I started sending it out. The sad thing is, the most common returned photo on the swap was more hairy legs. So, I'd respond with an updated screenshot with their category marked off. I presume they would then react by hitting the "report" button. Eventually, at the end of the evening, I ended up blocked.

Here's what the list looked like:

The Reality-Of-Photoswap
Scavenger Hunt V1.0

What we have so far:

Male Hairy Leg(s): 844
Female Hairy Leg(s): 2
Male crotch: 102
Car dashboard: 48
TV in a lit room: 1936
TV in a dark room: 3026
Nude male: 542
Nude female: 0
Something indiscernible: 94
Something actually interesting: 56

The fun part of this experiment was the fact that a number of people "got it". Like one fellow sent me a photo of his leg on his dashboard. That was excellent. A did get a lot of "thumbs up" responses as well. But obviously the people that autoswapped a lame-ass picture of their leg and/or TV and getting called on it did not. So the act of getting blocked means that my little protest did, in fact, work.

A few people were apparently even moved to contribute "something actually interesting" because I did get some good responses to that after the initial autoswap, so kudos to those folks.

I will admit that the period between being blocked and getting eventually unblocked is a bit nerve-wracking. Would the Padadaz.com moderators find humor or object to the pictures of my scavenger hunt? It turns out that they found mercy on me and unblocked my account Monday morning (about 36 hours turn-around). Thank you to the moderator for letting me continue.

I will also note that a small number of people saw a the "Nude females: 0" line item as a dare.

Will I do it again? Perhaps, time will tell. I may put some language at the top of the list that indicates this it is in good fun and please don't report.