My friend Tim and I thought we'd take a stab at photographing the sunrise from Kerry Park on New Years morning, since it was forecast to be clear. Despite having stayed up til 1am for NYE, we decided to go for it since we both had open mornings. We met at a park and ride and headed off to the viewpoint.

Clear skies, while beautiful, especially in the winter in Seattle, having some clouds is always nice, especially for a sunrise to reflect upon. There were a few low clouds over the Cascades to the east, but not enough.

By the time we arrived at Kerry Park, the dawn light was warming up. We arrived at the park just in time. There were a number of photographers already there, snapping away.


While we set up our gear, the clouds started appearing. Perhaps they were already there, or it was some meteorological affect of the rising, warming sun, but they were there. As was a beautiful crescent moon. It was a perfect morning, despite the 20 degree cold.

Here are a few photos of the morning: