I've been integrating more with Twitter lately and I realized that there are several layers of self-censorship (self-control?) depending on which social medium I use. Currently, there are 5 or 6 major components to all the social networks that I currently use, in no particular order:




 My Blog

 Flickr, iPhone apps (Instagram)

Most of these are interlinked, however, there are some distinct peculiarities about them, and why I post to one versus the other:

Facebook - "Witty" posts, interesting videos or web sites that would appeal to a broad number of people of various backgrounds. Posts are probably shared with an ulteriour motive of establishing a foundation of witticism and intelligence.

IRC -I'm on a very small IRC channel nearly every day with the same people who have been there for over <b>fifteen years</b>. Needless to say we can pretty much share anything, and typically do: in-jokes, crude humor, self-deprecation, you name it. Witty thoughts, jokes and URLs much too crude for Facebook are usually shared there.

Twitter - While a new medium for me, I usually share things here that I would share on many other mediums, but, obviously, condensed. There's a little more anonymity in Twitter compared to Facebook, so the level of interest can be a little more broad and random, however with hash tags, they can be targeted to those who might be most interested.

My Blog - Thoughts that require more composition than what fits in IRC, Facebook or Twitter go here, or items of a matter that no one else other than people finding me via search engines would care about are shared on my blog: Weather, Birdwatching, random observations. I occasionally share the link of a blog post on any or all of the above mediums.

 Here's a graphical visualization of my social network and where the various types of content and interests flow:

My Social Network
more nodes less nodes
more less fit