My weather station, primarily its graphing and trending functions were in jeopardy of being lost due to the decision to move his PC to his room. The weather station was connected to it downstairs by a USB cable. However, the station was resurrected on its own server, my ancient Toshiba notebook. More after the bump.The old Toshiba was running Win98SE and was having a tough time running the software (Weather Display) as well as the wireless adapter driver, so I decided to upgrade it to Windows 2000, which I figured would be about as much of an OS as it could handle. The upgrade was pretty smooth and the system was up and running after a few days of twiddling.

One of the features of Weather Display that intrigued me was its ability to manage a webcam. I've always been wanting to hook up a camera to do time-lapse of weather, and this looked like a good way to do it. It took a while to get the settings right, while WD is a fantastic piece of software, the UI is obviously designed by an engineer. However, after another few days of twiddling, I managed to get it to work properly, doing both hourly and all-day time-lapse videos:

Here's today's video, up to the top of the last hour:

The webcam is my old Philips Vesta Pro, that I had initially purchased for astroimaging. I am planning to upgrade it to a Creative Live! Ultra model with a wider field of view.