IMG_4001.jpgThis summer I hope to pepper several of the months with hikes in order to condition myself and C for the big 4 day Enchantments hike. Today, almost last minute, we thought we would head off to Boulder River Falls, a nice forested hike.  I packed my bag at about 75% my full trek weight and C's at 10lbs. We headed off to the trailhead at 12:30pm, the latest I've ever left for a hike before!

We arrived at the turnoff for the trailhead off Highway 530, less than a quarter mile in, the road was blocked by a tree. Damn. It was not that big of a tree, but it was a solid fall and wasn't going anywhere. A number of people had parked and apparently hoofed it the 3 miles in to the real trailhead, but I figured we could find another nearby trail, as the Darrington area had plenty.


My next choice was Squire Creek Pass trail, which I had hiked before, but recall the gentle elevation gain and nice scenery, so that's where we went.

We were on the trail around 2 and there was only one other car at the trailhead. Eventually we met those folks who were on their way out and we had the place to ourselves. The skies were overcast, but it wasn't raining and the temperature was just right for a hike. 

The landscape had changed a little since my last visit. The landslide fell in 2002 and when I visited in 2003 the damage was clearly visible, even partially damming Squire Creek. 8 years later the scar was mostly covered in trees 8-12 feet tall. Only glimpses of the highest parts of the slide could occaisionally be seen.  If you didn't look up you might never have known it ever occured. The trail from the current trailhead is about 2 miles of the old road to the former trailhead, which makes for a very nice woodsy walk. 

C enjoyed exploring the numerous creeks that cross the trail, some were huge washouts whose power was clearly evident in massive boulders and smashed trees. We made it about 3 miles in and called it a day as it had already reached 5:30pm and we were already behind schedule.

The skies were clearing as the day progressed. The lookout on Three Fingers could be seen, though I ony had my 17-40mm so photographing it was impossible. Vast waterfalls were falling all over the shoulders of the granite slopes across the valley.

Some highlights:

  • C had no problems with his pack weight, boots or pace
  • I saw a birdnest on an elephant ear mushroom
  • Revisited those massive cedars
  • Great time with my son

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