A few days ago, Gizmodo featured a story about a a photographer that turned a vintage camera into a lens for his DSLR. Well, heck, I can do that!


5D gets it first real workout

 I finally got to take my new 5D for a spin!

A friend of my wife, who works for Boeing, graciously invited me to go with him to the Boeing Employee viewing area for the first flight of the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental. What an exciting opportunity to photograph this airplane from an amazing vantage point (from Paine Field's taxiway Alpha!) 




New Camera!


For the past 6 months or so, I've been essentially working two jobs, my regular, full-time Software Engineer position, and also supporting the growing customer base for my wife and my software consulting business, JLB Web Consulting, which has been adding 10-30 hours a week on top of that. Fortunately, I get to do both jobs from home!

So, as a little reward to myself for working those hours, I bought myself a Canon 5D mk II DSLR body. I've been using a Canon 30D for a number of years now, but have been extremely curious about the 1080P video capabilities of the 5D (which has been proven as a primary camera filming a number of feature films and TV shows). So I dropped the hammer and bought one. I've also been various curious how shooting with a full-frame sensor is.




How I got a Canon EOS 10D for $75

Cheap TricksThis is a rather fun, though risky, experiment I performed recently. I was wondering just what kind of profits were to be had by "flipping" (buying and reselling at a higher price) items purchased on Craigslist.


Christmas came early this year

. Jenn presented me, forefully, with my Christmas present early this year. Though normally reluctant to open anything before Christmas eve, I couldn't resist and opened the box. DAMN.. A Canon EOS 300D Digital Rebel SLR!!


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